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Property sourcing service:

We do provide a sourcing service however that is not through JMI holdings, if you are looking for more information on this please get in touch. 

Joint Ventures:

Property is daunting at the best of times and for people looking to get involved in property sometimes the first step is hard to take but with the banks now paying less than 1% interest PA there’s nowhere better to put your money. We offer a variety of options which enable investors of all calibres to work with us and to take from the opportunity what they wish. Whether that be completely hands off or a full walk through.


We can do that in two ways:


A) By offering Fixed rate returns for our investors, paid back monthly in installments or as a lump sum at the end of the term along with the principle.


B) By working as a team via an contractual agreement or more commonly known as a “Joint venture”


If you are interested in any of the above please get in touch to see if we can work together on future projects!


Simon Podd

“I’ve been working with Jonathan for nearly 18 months on a JV basis on a number of projects. I can truly say that he is able to identify fantastic deals, has the connections and knowledge to deliver the refurbishments and ultimately create great cash-flowing properties. JVs aside, I’d recommend any armchair investors or lend & learn investors to speak with Jonathan to see how he can help you.”

Gurdip Singh

“I approached Jonathan because he has a strong track record in sourcing and refurbishing properties which result in highly profitable investments. He has detailed knowledge of the East Midlands property market and a strong network of property professionals including builders, electricians, plumbers, solicitors and mortgage brokers.

Jonathan helped me by sourcing and refurbishing a property in Derby in a very cost effective and efficient manner with minimal time spent by me on the project.. I now have a highly profitable investment property which produces strong cashflow each month. 

The result was a hastle free property purchase as Jonathan supervised the whole project from start to finish. Throughout the process he kept me up to date on developments including the use of video commentary and was pro-active in solving any issues that arose. 

One thing I liked was the detailed financial analysis prior to the purchase and refurbishment which clearly showed income and all costs and which took into account HMO requirements. Addtionally he provided a clear schedule of works for the management of the refurbishment.

I found the experience very good because throughout the process I knew that Jonathan was ensuring a high quality refurbishment which kept to budget and his co-ordination of the trades people meant that the works were very effectively managed.

I would recommend Jonathan to people who want to trustworthy property expert to help them obtain a highly profitable investment property in the East Midlands and who can be relied upon to solve any unexpected issues that may come up.”

Dipesh Halai

"I came across Jonathan of summer 2018 as I was doing my own research and stumbled across a youtube interview he had done.  I was really impressed and inspired by what he had achieved in a relatively short period of time. At that time he had really created a differentiated product in the sense of his HMO properties having the look and feel of high end boutique hotels. The creative design and  level of workmanship on each of the properties that I had personally seen in Derby was inspiring.  After a day of viewing some of his properties I knew instantly that I needed Jonathan to be my mentor.  We embarked upon a 6 month mentoring programme that really expanded my knowledge of the property industry and in particular all things HMO. The sessions really helped bring clarity to my thinking and goals for the next 3 years.  The focus of my strategy was cashflow and how to acquire high yielding assets.


During that time Jonathan had also sourced a property for me where I am buying, refurbing and refinancing.  I would have not been able to take on this project if it wasn't for Jonathan's own due diligence of the Nottingham market as well as ensuring that I had access to his network of builders and legal team.  This was something that was really important for me personally as being a London based investor my current portfolio was accessible withing a 15 min car drive!  So to have that trust was absolutely imperative for me as this was the biggest factor in holding me back from investing in property outside of my patch.


Through the mentoring programme I was also introduced to a number of different strategies which I wouldn't have normally considered or even been made aware of.  One of the strategies was rent to rent service accommodation   I am pleased to say I have my first deal in London and the early signs look promising.


If you are starting on your property journey or a small portfolio owner like me and you would like to progress your journey to financial freedom then I would have no doubt in recommending Jonathan to help you on your way'

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