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ROI: 64% (based on Net Rent / refurb) 


This property is within Dunkirk Nottingham; it again falls within the Nottingham city council and therefore article 4. It’s a street away from the university of Nottingham main campus and the tram line. Its 10 minutes walk from the city center too meaning all amenities and large employers are close by.


This property was built circa 1900, it’s a traditional three storey Victorian property, when we took it on it had 4 let able rooms, by moving the bathroom and splitting the top floor bedroom we were able to create 6 let able rooms. 


We took this property on via a Rent to rent contract, as the refurb was fairly extensive we requested that the vendor contribute to the refurbishment to make the deal stack, there contribution totaled £11,000.  This contract was taken out on a 7-year term.

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