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★★★★★ Oliver Cox 

Jonathan really helped me get started in a complex area of property. I always want to feel like I know everything, but this stopped me actually buying any property. Knowing I had someone behind me with such a wealth of knowledge to counter my fears and help me avoid major pitfalls was a huge comfort, and knowing that if I did hit an issue that I had someone with an answer makes it a whole lot easier to take those risks. The bi-weekly calls keep you on track, and drive home the guilt if you’ve not kept up with your actions. This kind of accountability gave me focus and made me put more time aside to progress my Investing. What now seem to me like simple ideas, weren’t even in my thinking before I met Jonathan. If you’re looking to get started or want some straight talking, no nonsense support, I highly recommend talking to Jonathan.

★★★★★ Andrew Seddon

Jonathan is a smashing teacher. He's incredibly aware of the direction the property industry is heading and the loopholes a beginner will inevitably have to overcome. Jonathan's mentoring programme offers a beginner the tips and trade secrets many will simply not know about or indeed tell you. I highly recommend Jonathan and his property mentoring services.

★ Dipesh Halai

I came across Jonathan of summer 2018 as I was doing my own research and stumbled across a youtube interview he had done. I was really impressed and inspired by what he had achieved in a relatively short period of time. At that time he had really created a differentiated product in the sense of his HMO properties having the look and feel of high end boutique hotels. The creative design and level of workmanship on each of the properties that I had personally seen in Derby was inspiring. After a day of viewing some of his properties I knew instantly that I needed Jonathan to be my mentor. We embarked upon a 6 month mentoring programme that really expanded my knowledge of the property industry and in particular all things HMO. The sessions really helped bring clarity to my thinking and goals for the next 3 years. The focus of my strategy was cashflow and how to acquire high yielding assets. During that time Jonathan had also sourced a property for me where I am buying, refurbing and refinancing. I would have not been able to take on this project if it wasn't for Jonathan's own due diligence of the Nottingham market as well as ensuring that I had access to his network of builders and legal team. This was something that was really important for me personally as being a London based investor my current portfolio was accessible withing a 15 min car drive! So to have that trust was absolutely imperative for me as this was the biggest factor in holding me back from investing in property outside of my patch. Through the mentoring programme I was also introduced to a number of different strategies which I wouldn't have normally considered or even been made aware of. One of the strategies was rent to rent service accomodation. I am pleased to say I have my first deal in London and the early signs look promising. If you are starting on your property journey or a small portfolio owner like me and you would like to progress your journey to financial freedom then I would have no doubt in recommending Jonathan to help you on your way. Cheers

★ Joss Labadie

Jonathan has guided me on my quest for financial freedom over the last 6 months and I can safely say that I am a lot closer than before I got in touch with him. Jonathan's experience and knowledge at such a young age in the property industry is second to none and his advice in me selecting my strategy was priceless. Jonathan is very approachable and whilst I have finished my initial mentoring course, I am still regularly in contact for tips and advice which he is more than happy to help with. For whatever stage of your property journey you are on, Jonathan is the man to take you to the next level. Thanks again my friend, speak soon.

★ Rabbi Mambonzo 

Over the past few months I’ve managed to learn a lot from Jonathan as he has proved himself to be very knowledgeable as well as being approachable. During this time I have gained so much insight of the industry. I was able to take practical steps from the advice he provided and apply it to my business ventures. Would highly recommend if you’re looking to take the next step in your property journey!

★ Cyrus Yari

Super knowledgable - you will not find any better than Jonathan in his industry - backed up by his track record dealing with various fields of property. I have several useful contacts in property but if I had to choose only one go-to for advice then it would be Jonathan.

★ Karl Littleboy

After looking for a property coach to help us scale and accelerate, I spoke to Jonathan for an initial discovery call and he gave us a fresh new perspective on our existing property strategy and some very clear direction to focus our efforts in the immediate future. His informal and conversational style is really easy to work with and his advice has given us a renewed focus. We'll definitely be booking another call soon.

★ Elton Shumba

Jonathan is an amazing personality and a great mentor. He is very approachable despite his busy schedule, a trait you can not find in a lot of professionals. He is knowledgeable, experienced and very candid which assures any novice investor as he outlines the whole cycle of property. I am also amazed by how open he is to share the highs and lows through his property journey as a lot just think you wake up to an empire of property. He is the reason I have decided to really pursue property and I am sure we will continue to have a very good relationship as i tackle everything property. I am so excited about the future and what it will bring because of Jonathan.

★ Howard Davis

"I was recently lucky enough to spend a coaching day with Jonathan Ioannou looking over a number of his HMO properties in Derby. Jonathan was a brilliant host and a damn good coach too! Jonathan was completely focussed on what I wanted to achieve from our time together and I was able to get so much advice and guidance from him. Jonathan provided total transparency on a number of his current and passed projects, including how the deals had played out - both good and bad. I was particularly impressed with his advice on my own property venture. I came away with several pages of notes but I remember that we covered so much that i couldn't get it all written down. With his wealth of knowledge Jonathan is so well equipped to help aspiring and growing property investors and in my view, an incredibly valuable resource to tap into if you get the chance."

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